Aside from window cleaning, our company has done specialty work and unique projects over the years.


Steve Wasserman
Christmas lights
on the Liberty
Pole, Rochester,
New York.

We used to string the 10,000 bulbs that illuminate teh Liberty Pole during the holiday season. For a couple of years, we hung the overhead Christmas decorations in the Irondequoit Mall. We installed the Debris Boom at Mount Morris Dam, mounting electrical and fiber optics to the inside of an open shaft. We did repair work for RG&E’s BEBE Plant Coal Bunkers. We painted flag poles at the old Sears building. We work with local city architects and engineers as consultants. We are also a founding member of the IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association).


Cleaning chandeliers is
one of our specialties.

We do a number of odd-jobs including:

  • Install light bulbs and smoke detectors
  • Dust rafters
  • Re-caulk and seal atrium windows
  • Remove loose bricks & cement from
  • Pressure washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Specialty cleaning of chandeliers